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Inspiration is All Around You - Look for It

Finding inspiration comes naturally to some people. For others, it takes practice. If you don't feel very inspired right now, the good news is that you can change the way you look at things and, in doing so, you'll welcome more inspiration into your life.

Where to Look

Inspiration can be found everywhere, but different experiences generate enthusiasm in different people. If what you're seeing doesn't move you, try changing your location. If you're in the city, head for nature. If you're out in a rural setting, check out the bustle of the big city.

Sometimes a change in perspective and scenery can make all the difference. If you've tried that and it hasn't helped, perhaps try focusing on the specifics. Maybe you're inspired by the shimmer of dew on a petal, the reflection of the setting sun on the multi-paned windows of a skyscraper, or the tapestry of voices in a busy coffee shop.

What Do You See?

Of course, where you're looking might not be the only reason you're not feeling inspired. Your mindset can also have a big impact on whether you feel inspired. Open your mind so you can really see what's there. Avoid looking just at the surface, but focus on what's beneath it. You might be surprised at what you find.

For example, when your young son says, "Play this game with me," do you see a bored child or do you feel the love and joy that he brings wanting to spend time with you? When the sun rises in the morning, do you think, "It's too early to get up" or do you feel gratitude for the opportunities the new day can bring to you?

How to Seek Things That Inspire You

With a positive mental attitude, things will look far different than they do when you're unhappy or angry. Of course, everyone feels bad sometimes. If you find that you're always feeling sad and uninspired, though, it might be time to change your focus toward something that brings you joy.

Taking time to stop and smell the roses - just enjoying the moment - might be all you need to find your inspiration!

While others can bring you happiness at times, true joy must come from within. Inspiration is often the same. It comes from inside of you, and is only sparked by outside sources that you choose to see and hear. If you aren't sure how to look for inspiration, consider:

• Talking with a loved one about the things that inspire that person. • Going somewhere that you haven't been before to get a different perspective. • Looking at something you see every day in a different way or from a different angle. • Taking a gratitude break; counting your blessings.

Sometimes you need to get creative with the way you hunt for inspiration. It's literally everywhere, but it can be easy to miss in the bustle of our lives. To move away from your ordinary perspectives, a little bit of a shakeup could be necessary. Often just a small action or a change in perspective can help you experience the world in a whole new way.

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