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Using Passive Income Programs to Get New Clients

You're probably familiar with the idea of a product funnel. Most of the time the first and least expensive product at the widest part of the funnel is the freebie. As the funnel gets smaller the price gets higher. The products get more and more expensive as the funnel narrows, until finally you're at the most expensive product of all, your personal one-on-one products.

The problem is many coaches, and especially service providers, do not use the product funnel to its fullest advantage and lead with what should be their most expensive product. Time. If instead, you lead with any items that constitute passive or semi passive income, earning most of your income that way instead of with one-on-one programs, you'll find that you not only have more time in your day, but that when you do spend time with a client it's more productive since only the most serious minded clients will get to experience it.