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5 Passive Income Programs You Can Create Right Now

If you have a business that is based on service to others like a Virtual Assistant business, consulting business or coaching business the only way to break through to six figures without working yourself to death is to find ways to add passive income programs to your product funnel.

What's really awesome about having passive income programs it that it can also help you get more one-on-one clients who are willing to pay more money for the privilege of learning from you in person. Plus, if you offer automated, lower cost passive programs to bring people into your product funnel you can lead them toward your more expensive, limited one-on-one coaching and consulting.

Affiliate Program

You may not have considered an affiliate program as a way to earn more passive income. If you sell even one product, book, or service you can use an affiliate program to help bring in more clients automatically. The best affiliates are those who use your products and services. With that in mind your affiliate program can be exclusive to customers only, or it can be open to the public if you prefer.