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Online Networking

The internet has completely changed the terrain when it comes to networking your business. All it takes is a few clicks of a mouse to connect with people locally – or across the globe – and that accessibility means that you are no longer limited to just networking locally.

LinkedIn is the foremost business hub when it comes to online networking. With over 90 billion users in the United States alone, LinkedIn offers thousands of groups that you can get involved in based on interest, experience, or market.

By utilizing all that LinkedIn has to offer, you can find and network with others that are local to you, or those in locations far from you – depends on what you want to use LinkedIn for.

Be sure to fully complete your LinkedIn profile so that interested parties can connect with you based on your information. And keep it up to date.

Facebook offers the ability to set up a business page which acts as your contact hub, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Followers can “like” your page in order to receive updates whenever you post to your page. And those followers can be business associates, future customers or clients. The possibilities are truly endless.

Facebook business page success means posting lots of interesting, engaging content that your audience really wants and needs. One of the things you’ll want to avoid is constantly posting about sales, or trying to sell products to the exclusion of all else. Your content really is king on your Facebook business page. While you can use your Facebook business page to market your products and/or services, you’ll want to wait until you have gained a decent amount of followers first, and be sure that you’ve nurtured the relationship with those followers.

When you’re marketing yourself and/or your brand online, remember the basic rules of etiquette. If it’s not something you’d say or do while face-to-face with a client or colleague, then it has no place in online networking either.

Common sense will go a long way towards success in networking online. Be authentically you, give great content, and then maintain the relationships you build.

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