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Time Wasters

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Are you like the rest of us trying to figure out where time is going? The days seem much shorter and for many of the important work is not getting done. Do you look at your day and see that you've been busy but your accomplishments are the less important tasks. We must focus on the important things and can't afford time wasters. But it's not just about productivity.

Here are 10 time wasters to consider adjusting:

1. Complaining and resisting work that needs to be done.

2. Trying to please everyone.

3. Perfectionism.

4. Lack of prioritizing.

5. Waiting for inspiration before doing work or making a decision.

6.Second guessing yourself and worrying about what people will say. 7. The fear of failing and being judged.

8. Not accepting your mistakes and learning from them but rather blaming or regretting.

9. Comparing yourself to others.

10. Doing non-essential tasks instead of delegating.

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