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Avoid Procrastination

Planning is preparing to achieve. Planning is setting up a plan that develops a structure while arranging to reach a goal. Plans include schedules, forecasting, arrangements, and the like. Still, planning includes more since you have to remove any obstacles in your way that hinders your goals process. For instance, procrastination is the biggest stumper that halts or diminishes goals. Consider a practice that leads you to avoid procrastination.

The goal now is to prevent procrastination:

Monday: I intend to find meaning of my goals so that I can stop putting off what I can do today. I realize that getting it done now is an accomplishment that moves me toward my goal, and also getting it done now takes off stress.

Day two of seven:

Tuesday: I intend to break down my goals to sections so that I will not feel stressed by taking on large tasks.

Day three of seven:

Wednesday: I intend to write a statement that illustrates my intentions and what I want to achieve from my goals.

Day four of seven:

Thursday: I intend to tell everyone I know about my goals and plans so that people will respect my time to reach my goals and assist me if necessary.

Day five of seven:

Friday: I intend to find benefits and rewards for all the efforts I put forth in achieving my goal.

Day six of seven:

Saturday: On Saturday instead of resting from my intended goal, I will put forth effort and get it done now so that I am closer to my goals. I will not procrastinate, simply because it is a weekend.

Day seven of seven:

Sunday: Today, I realize that procrastination is positive and negative, thus if I can tell me self to procrastinate, I can also tell myself not to procrastinate. I simply must learn to say no at times, since no is not a rejection in all instances, rather it is a best interest word that protects me from making mistakes.

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