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Protect Your Relationship

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As the world addresses the COVID-19 outbreak, take extra care to make your relationship a top priority during this challenging time. Outbreaks can create psychological issues for individuals and disrupt relationships. Emotions ranging from fear, disbelief, frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, are not uncommon. In the midst of these challenging times, make your relationship a top priority of your time and energy. This is the time to nurture your relationship.

  1. If emotions are high, or you have a disagreement about your circumstances, don’t make derogatory comments, insults & belittling remarks. Our words are powerful. When you feel fearful, frustrated disappointed and anxious. Make it a point to use words that show respect, love, and hope.

  2. During this pandemic, one partner may be more anxious or more laid back than the other. Try not to be critical of each other. Try to understand each other, acknowledge whatever feelings are present that he/she has.

  3. When you’re together, be fully present. Whether in the room or over the phone, when your partner speaks, listen, respond, be fully attentive.

  4. Be careful of triggers. Stress and high emotions can trigger past hurts, troubles, and issues that have already been dealt with. Protect your heart. And watch those negative thoughts.

  5. Show love and affection each day. What is your partner’s love language?

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