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25 Social Media Tips To Use Now

1. What’s your social media goal? If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s pretty hard to get there.

2. Promote your most popular posts – and that goes for blog posts as well as social media posts.

3. How do you get the conversation going on social media? Try humor and controversy. They’re very powerful.

4. Give your new product campaign a name – and start talking about it on all of your social media platforms.

5. Make sure all new product posts are made regularly. Don’t let gaps occur. Keep it fresh in people’s minds (without overdoing it).

6. Don’t tell everyone too much at once about your upcoming project. Mystery breeds interest! Hints and teasers are part of the fun.

7. Look for questions repeated over and over on your chosen social networks. Provide the definitive answer.

8. Post 3-5 times a day on all platforms. Pictures and videos still reign.

9. Use specific Instagram hashtags to crowd-source user-generated content as well as extend your own reach.

10. Use Instagram filters to give your page a unique feel.

11. Track exactly how many impressions you’re getting from individual hashtags! Choose post, tap the ‘view insights’ button and scroll down to the impressions section.

12. Within Instagram stories add a functioning count down timer to build urgency and hype.

13. Use Instagram hashtags to crowd-source user-generated content as well as extend your own reach.

14. Plan layout, schedule, and review analytics using apps like

15. Maximize Facebook Watch Parties for group video chats.

16. Use Video Calls in Facebook Messenger.

17. Interact with your Instagram and Facebook ‘fans’. Respond to their comments, etc.

18. Add your Facebook or Instagram URL at the end of every piece of writing you put out there.

19. On Pinterest, schedule videos ahead of time with a new Pin Scheduler tool.

20. Unlock all the advanced features with Tick Tock Premium.

21. Boost your SEO with keywords to get found on LinkedIn by search engines.

22. Create a portfolio by adding project examples, images, video and slideshare presentations to your LinkedIn page. Here’s a video to walk you through the process.

23. Customize your LinkedIn profile by acquiring your unique URL.

24. Use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets:

25. Create other feeds besides your main timeline that only include certain accounts: creating Twitter lists.

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