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For Real Job Satisfaction Find Your Passion

Over the years I have met so many people who are unsatisfied with their careers. A great number of working people confess to experience a disconnection between their job and doing what they are really passionate about.

So many are in jobs that was thought to bring significant income or prestige. So many have chosen careers because their parents expected it of them or they were following a parent’s footsteps. People have chosen careers that were supposed to lead them to the American dream.

Some people follow their heart and are experiencing great satisfaction in life. Others are experiencing irregular sleeping habits, stress, and mundaneness chasing the American dream. Many are discontent and go through years wondering what really matters in their life.

Finding your passion in work is a key to ensure lifelong happiness, contentment and good health. When you love what you do, it matters less about prestige or how much money you have. You look forward each day with joy and enthusiasm. You have a sense of purpose. Your work and everything else in life is full of opportunities and satisfaction.

Are you passionate about what you are doing? We spend an average of eight hours of the day on jobs. Forty hours of our week should be meaningful not only to our employers but also to our own personal fulfillment.

It is important to start finding your passion and incorporate it in your job. You never get back the time you give to a company. Time is precious and every day we make choices that define our lives. Making choices that really matter to you will help you not to waste your precious time in life. Know and claim the choices that lead you to your passion.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, have the courage to be true to your passion and find the job that gives you the opportunity to do it. Follow your heart and dreams and strive on finding your passion. When you do this, you will experience a transformational leap towards fulfilling your destiny. You are at your best health, you sleep well, and you feel rejuvenated and inspired!

To start identifying your passion, ask yourself these questions:

Why did you choose the career you are in?

What things do you do best and makes you feel complete?

What made your greatest work experience so wonderful?

What is the most important thing missing from your life right now?

How do you define success at work?

Who is most important to you?

What life issue stirs your heart?

Who are you and what were you created to do?

You have purpose! And most times, your purpose can be found in your passion.

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