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Break out of dysfunctional sabotaging patterns.
Observe and adopt behaviors that are specific to what you value as healthy living.
Unravel root causes of hindrances in your life.
Recognize your strengths, passions, and talents.
Navigate course congruent to your calling and purpose.
Are you ready to tap into your full potential?
  • Shatter limiting beliefs.
  • Answer the divine call on your life.
  • Reignite your dreams.
  • Close the gap to where you are and where you want to be.
  • Manifest the lifestyle that you desire.
     Do you need a new perspective, fresh revelation, and a safe place to express your dreams and vision?
     Ask yourself, "Can I continue to afford to be held back by fears and limitations that keep me from manifesting the beautiful life I deserve?"
     Success and happiness are waiting for you! Get a clear picture of your purpose and passion. It's time to share your gifts.
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      As a counselor helping others meet their goals, I realized the importance of having my own support.

Lisa’s coaching exceeded my expectations. I start experiencing results almost immediately. Not only did she help me fine-tune my life mission; she helped me set realistic goals and implement an action plan. She provided me with empowering tools and held me accountable. Her coaching skills, continual support and belief in my capabilities are invaluable -Maggie Kavanaugh, Moving Forward Ministries

     As a result of Coach Lisa’s sessions, I was able to find the confidence to overcome the inner fears that kept me from reaching my goals in life. I found clarity and a new found enthusiasm for the next season of my life.  Afterwards, I started B.O.U.R.N Success and have launched a successful online jewelry business. Her knowledge of branding, social media, and small business marketing is impressive. Lisa is resourceful and committed and I highly recommend her!  -Phyllis Williams, Emzodis Treasures