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Live Your Life On Purpose, In Your Purpose
Are you ready to tap into your full potential?
  • Are you ready to tap into your full potential?
     Do you need a new perspective, fresh revelation, and a safe place to express your dreams and vision?
     Success and happiness are waiting for you! Get a clear picture of your purpose and passion.

A blessed and purposeful life is one of the greatest gifts God has for us!

Do you need to work through confusion about your career/business? 

Do you need to work through fear or resistance?

Do you need to work through a major transition or season of growth that is overwhelming?

Do you want to rediscover your identity and break free from limiting beliefs?




You need confidence in trusting your own inner voice and tapping into your inner strength.


You want focused coaching, customized to your purpose and passion.

You need to get control of your attitude, choices, and mindset. 

You need reinvigorated enthusiasm for a relationship, career, or movement.

Yes there is "more."

And it's my privelege to provide private coaching to help you access the fullness

of what God has for you in your personal life, business, ministry, relationships.

My joy is realized in partnering with you to help you see your life possibilities

offer support for determining where you are in the present, help move you towards
where you want to go in expressing your purpose in fulfilling and beautiful ways.


If you're committed to creating a meaningful life of purpose, let's start your journey!


My private coaching is custom coaching that is only available for a select number of clients so I can fully help you toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love!

Ask yourself, "Can I continue to afford to be held back by fears and limitations that keep me from manifesting the beautiful life I deserve?"

Life Strategist Lisa Hooks, M.A.

   Private coaching is right for you if:​

  • You need to close the gap to where you are and where you want to be.

  • You are ready for 1-on-1 support.

  • You want a life with no regrets.

  • You want to make an even bigger difference with your gifts.

Private Coaching option are a 5-session and 10-session package.
Contact me at  615-205-6470 or complete the form to book your coaching today.
I am honored to be part of your journey! 
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Break out of dysfunctional sabotaging patterns. 
Observe and adopt behaviors that are specific to what you value.
Unravel root causes of hindrances in your life.
Recognize your strengths, passions, and talents.
Navigate course congruent to your calling and purpose.
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