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Gifts Mom Will Love For Mother's Day

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Personalized gifts for mom is usually a winner, especially personalized with grandchildren's names, pictures and initials. But there are gifts that you may not have considered, check these out:

1. Pay Her Bills - Free up mom's money by paying her bills in the month of May. Give her the freedom to do whatever she wants with her bill money.

2. Buy Her Stock - Does mom have a favorite company that investing in would be a wise move? Get her ten shares. Get a physical certificate issued or retitle your existing stock holdings in her name.

3. Protect Her Assets - Buy her sessions with an estate planner.

4. Buy Her Insurance - A multitude of people without life insurance and many people don't take the added step to get renters/home owners insurance. Does mom need this?

5. Pay Into Her Emergency Savings - Does mom have an emergency savings, if yes then add to it. If not, add up her expenses for 3 months and write her the check. Security is a great gift!

6. Pay Off Her Car - Free up money for mom by paying off her car. Can't pay it off, pay a month or two. Another option is maintenance. Buy her a car maintenance package.

7. Send Her To A Financial Advisor - Help her get her money straight and live well by paying for professional financial advising. Check out .

8. Keep Mom Safe - Does mom have an alarm system. You can keep her safe my having one installed and paying the monthly bill.

9. Fund Her Home Renovation - Does mom have a home project that you can cover financially? Make her happy while increasing the value of her property with minor renovations.

10. Enroll Her In Online Course - Does mom wish that she knew more about something or how to do something? Has she wanted to take up a hobby? Enroll her in the course (preferably one she can monetize).

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