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5 Types of Content To Connect With Your Market

The more you develop personal, one-on-one connections online, the more successful your Internet marketing efforts will be. That means developing the kinds of things that your prospects enjoy consuming the most.

The following 5 types of content are just what your readers are looking for, and will improve your relationships with members of your target market.

1 – Video

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video tells a million. One simple way to improve the odds that you truly "connect" with your readers is to publish video to your blog or website. Google purchased YouTube in 2006 for a reason. Even then, Big G understood that the future of content online was going to be video.

YouTube is actually the second largest search engine online, behind only Google. This means that people love video. In 2015 mobile search made up the majority of web searches for the first time ever. What is the most consumed content on mobile devices? Video.

2 – Podcasts

Podcasts have exploded in popularity. Fortunately for you, most of your competitors don't have a podcast. This means competition for your target audience is a lot softer when compared to blogging. As opposed to written text, podcasts, like videos, effectively deliver your personality through your voice. You can integrate your podcast with your blog or website, enjoying free traffic as a result.

3 – Webinars

Webinars are incredibly effective marketing tools. Users can see and hear what you have to say in real time. When you host a live webinar, you engage your prospect's sense of timeliness. Webinars also allow for back-and-forth communication, which connects with your followers in a very special way.

4 – Answering Comments

A simple way to produce content that connects with your audience is to scroll down past the end of your blog posts. Did someone comment on your content? Response to them, being sure to provide a lot of useful information, and not just fluff. This not only connects with that one individual, but other people reading your comments will respect that you took the time to answer an individual's question or concern.

5 – Email

You probably know by now that "the money is in the list". Actually, the money is in strong relationships that you make with the people on your list. Unfortunately, the majority of Internet marketers build an email list, then rarely reach out to their followers. You have to keep in constant contact with those people that have taken the time to join your list, or you will never "connect" and form a real relationship that helps you meet your business goals.

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