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How To Feel More Confident At Work

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Just because you have the job doesn’t mean that you are going to be filled with confidence, and there are many things which happen that can knock your confidence very quickly. If you want to build your self-confidence and feel less nervous about what’s going on at work, here are some ways you can do this.

Practice, practice, practice! It doesn’t matter what it is – there are plenty of things you can practice at work. If you don’t feel confident about speaking up in meetings, try doing it over and over again. You’ll soon start to see that there isn’t anything to be afraid of. The same applies to giving presentations, writing reports, doing some research and networking with other people in your industry.

Be kind to yourself

In the workplace, there are many people who might be saying negative things about you. Rather than focus on this, take the time to be nice to yourself. Don’t speak negatively about yourself, and don’t knock your own confidence either. Seeing yourself at work in a negative light will also mean that you’re more likely to see everything else negatively, but can affect your performance in the work place.

Question others

Nobody likes somebody who is constantly interrogating other people, but don’t be afraid to ask questions if you want to know the answer. A junior member of staff should feel able to ask the more senior staff questions, particularly if they are working in the same department. Make friends of your colleagues and draw on their knowledge in order to build your own and boost your confidence.

Enjoy going to work

It can be difficult to enjoy your job when you really don’t like it, but focus on the positive things at work and try to find something good in it. This could be a friend you have made at work, a recent success, something exciting which is coming up or even just the upcoming staff party or social gathering. If there isn’t anything that you find appealing at work, speak to the relevant teams and people about setting something up or planning an event.

Look for opportunities to learn

Rather than seeing your work as something tedious and boring with problems which arise constantly, look for opportunities to improve yourself. Through your job, you may be able to attend interesting events or go on training courses which will help you as a person as well as an employee.

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