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Build your plan for success.

Optimize each phase.

Utilize all resources.

Recognize your power – personal, 
professional, knowledge base.

Navigate your success.

Are you ready to grow your business into a great success?


  • Turn your purpose into prosperity.

  • Grow in self-confidence.

  • Boost your credibility and become an industry expert.

  • Work less and earn more.

  • Greater work-life balance.


You have the opportunity to make a massive impact with the people you serve and prosper in the process. Stop dimming your light and work with Lisa Hooks to increase your personal brand and business success. Let's get to work!

This Is For The:

INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL and small business owner willing to invest ...

MINISTRY LEADER called to share your message with the masses, but struggle to put a system in place to balance the demands of work, relationships, responsibilities, and purpose.

CHANGE MAKER who wants to expand your impact so your work can continue for generations.

ENTREPRENEUR who clock in long hours and struggle to balance the demands of life.

COACHES, SPEAKER, and AUTHOR looking for ways to reposition yourself as a leader in your industry and monetize your message.

Customize an online marketing plan to meet your business goals, maximize your personal brand, increase your income.

Maximize proven social media marketing strategies and monetize your expertise.



This is for you if:

- You feel intimidated by online marketing.

- You’re looking for faster, smarter, better ways to market and monetize your business.

- You’re working hard but aren’t making more money.

- You want to position yourself as an authority with proven marketing strategies.

- You want to help more clients and come from a place of service.

- You’re not sure where to begin when it comes to platform-building, lead generation, and effective marketing.

This training program will give you the tools and action steps to:

  • Achieve social media prominence and grow your business or ministry.

  • Develop brand awareness and gain more ideal followers and referrals.

  • Build relationships through engagement and increase your connection with your audience. People buy from who they trust.

  • Identify your goals and how they need to be planned out for optimization.

  • Increase you website traffic and gain leads and sales.