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            The reason I am so passionate about what I do is because I know first hand how empowering a life transformation can be.

I struggled with knowing my life purpose and with my identity. I struggled with relationships on every level and carried emotional baggage. I'm familiar with disappointments, failures, and regrets. And I know what it's like to have dreams and goals delayed.


            A day came when I refused to remain victimized by circumstances or live the status quo. I started on the journey of pursuing my full and brilliant potential. I discovered a transforming process that led to personal and professional breakthroughs and began to achieve the level of happiness and satisfaction that I had imagined.


            On my journey I met women and men who had similar problems. They were intelligent, talented, and passionate but wasn’t sure of their life purpose. They had dreams, and visions of greater things but kept falling short of them. I had dreams of starting businesses but no motivation or direction. I decided to not only dedicate myself to fulfilling my goals and living my best life, but to help others do the same. AND I LOVE IT!                                      

I know first hand how empowering life tranformations can be !

I have passionately mentored and coached for over 15 years. As a Life Coach it has been my pleasure supporting people yearning to live out the fullness of their PURPOSE.


As a business coach I have the pleasure of providing business and online marketing advice and strategies, help influencers monetize their message and expertise, create lucrative programs, signature trainings, and more.

Let me help you reimagine what's possible, uphold your vision and support your NEXT or new DIRECTION.

A Great Life Cannot Be Achieved Alone!

Lisa is a Certified Christian Life Coach. She holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology.